My Teachers

In the Western world, if one were to emphasize the credentials and reliability of a doctor, one would often list an impressive names of schools that this doctor had attended. In the world of Eastern medicine, however, the most valued factor for determining the level of experience is doctor’s work with respected, well known teachers who are masters of their field. In this sense, I am very fortunate, that my education combined a degree from the New England School of Acupuncture (the oldest such school in the country) and many years of rigorous studying with Chinese and Japanese masters. Unlike the accreditation from a much respected school, studying under the supervision of teachers who have earned a profound respect for their mastery and knowledge is a journey of a lifetime.



Doctor Ling Chin Yi




Ling Chin Yi belonged to the ancient Chinese Ling Dynasty of doctors who practiced and preserved the ancient art of acupuncture through five hundred years.
History Ling dyinasty began in 1486 (XV century). Since ancient times, and to this day, for over 500 years, the healing art handed down from father to son, from grandfather to grandson. One of the members of Ling family served as court physician to the Chinese emperor and thus Ling dynasty gained recognition across China.
Dr. Ling Chin Yi had been practicing authentic Chinese Five Element Accpuncture (Wu Xing 五行 Accupuncture) By balancing the whole being, traditional methods of treatment also successfully cure multitude of diseases. More than sixteen types of diseases considered untreatable by Western medicine were successfully treated by Dr. Ling Chin Yi; for example: cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, schizophrenia, etc.

In the photo above: Dr. Ling Chin Yi around 1998

In 1997 Dr. Ling Chin Yi was awarded first place for the artcle submitted for The First International Conference and Exhibition on Ethnic Medicine in Beihing.


Certificate of Best Papers. 1997. First International Conference and Exhibition on Ethnic Medicine in Beihing.

I consider it an honour to be Dr. Ling Chin Yi's twenty-ninth apprentice. 




Dr. Ling Chin Yi and Dr. Yuri Belopolsky in 1999.

Doctor Ling Zhi Sheng


Dr. Ling Zhi Shen is a son of Dr. Ling Chin Yi. He is a living member of this ancient dynasty. Dr. Ling Zhi Shen is currently my mentor.
Ling Zhi Sheng's story begins in China, where he was born. In 1961, the government of the Soviet Union invited Ling family to share its knowledge and practice of traditional Chinese medicine with the official Soviet medicine. In 1968, Ling Zhi Sheng graduated from a medical school specializing in neurology and acupunture; Afterwards, he successfully practiced in Moldovia. Since 1995, Dr. Ling has been living in the United States.
You can learn more about Dr. Ling Zhi Shen by visiting his website.



Dr. Ling Zhi Shen and Dr. Yuri Belopolsky in 2002.

Sensei Katsumi Niikura


Niikura Sensei is well know Master of Ki. Sensei Katsumi Niikura has been interested in power of breathing since his early childhood. While playing outdoors, he often wondered how fish managed to sometime stay immobile in the river despite of the flow of the current. Did it have something to do with how it breathed?
At the age of 12, Katsumi Niikura began studying martial arts. While helping his fellow students with their injuries, he discovered that some kind of energy was emanating from his hands. His effort to use Ki for healing came when his own daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer. He added traditional Ki energy healing techniques to her conventional medical treatment. When she recovered Sensei Katsumi Niikura continued to refine his skills to be able to help other people.
He believes that one of the benefits of Ki therapy is that it helps to restore energy of the body that was weakened after conventional medical procedures. It helps to alleviate the discomfort and enhance body’s natural resistance to illness.
Today, Sensei Katsumi Niikura teaches Ki, which is a tool for healing as well as a powerful medicine by itself.
In 2007 Niikura Sensei conducted a Ki workshop in Boston.
You can learn more about Sensei by visiting his website.

Niikura Sensei and Dr. Yuri Belopolsky during Ki workshop. Boston, 2007.


Nikura Sensei grounded with Ki defies the attempt of two men to lift him from the floor. Boston, 2007.