Grandma's Recipes

"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."

~ Mark Twain


Liver Cleansing Formula-2

A Classic Russian Remedy




Crumble leaves:
Immortelle Absolute – 4 parts
Yarrow – 2 parts
Peppermint – 2 parts
Coriander seeds – 2 parts

Mix together.


1 Tablespoon of mix in enamel, heat-resistant or ceramic pot with a lid, not stainless steel, add 8oz.of boiling water, place into second container of boiling water, leave for fifteen minutes in hot water bath. 
Remove and leave, still covered, for 45 minutes at room temperature.  Strain through gauze, squeezing contents.  Add additional boiled water to retain quantity at 8 oz.  Keep in refrigerator for no more than two days.  Take half a glass (4 oz.) three times a day, thirty minutes before meals.
One course of treatment is two to four weeks.

Lightning Dessert

By Dr. Yuri

Normal function of your digestive system includes one to three bowel movements per day.  If you have mild constipation, this delicious dessert will help alleviate your symptoms.  Just do not forget to drink plenty of water.   The amount of water you need to consume varies with your condition, but the recommendation is 6 - 10 cups per day.  If increased water intake and this home remedy do not solve your issues, then you need to speak with a medical professional.   Chinese medicine has a variety of herbal formulas for constipation that are non-addictive and can be prescribed according to your individual condition.


4-8 Pitted dried prunes (preferably organic)
One Tbsp. of 100% unprocessed raw honey
Handful of shelled walnuts


Place the dried prunes in a cup and then fill the cup with boiling water.  Place a lid on the cup.  Let the prunes sit for at least one hour until they become soft.    Next, mix in the walnuts and honey and enjoy the dessert.    Do not forget to drink the liquid that remains in the cup!

!!! Consult a health care professional before taking any herbal medicine !!!


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